STI India Limited

Quality Assurance

STI believes and follow "Quality is the Religion" and hence Quality is the core strength of the company. To ensure this, the company has On-Line & Off-Line Process Control Systems at every stage of the production. To meet the highest standards of Uster norms, a young team of highly qualified, dedicated and well experienced professionals, equipped with advanced information & technology at all levels are working through out the process.

In-Put, In-Process and Final Inspection & Testing is carried out in its State-of-the-Art Laboratory through out the day. Effective Bale Management Systems, Process Control Observations & Machinery Audits in each & every stage of process minimize the re-occurrences of non conformities and helps to take Preventive & Corrective Action.

Cotton Test

  • High Volume Instrument (HVI-900) from USTER, SWITZERLAND to check the Raw Cotton Parameters like Fibre Length, Fibre Strength, Micronaire Value,Short Fibre Index, Uniformity Ratio, Rd Value, +B Value, Fibre Elongation,Spinning Consistency Index & Colour Grade etc.

  • Advance Fibre Information System (AFIS) from USTER, SWITZERLAND to check the Cotton Parameters through out the process, like Mixing Cotton, Card material, Card Sliver, Comber Lap & Sliver, Draw Frame Sliver & Roving etc. Fibre Length, Short Fibre Content, Immature Fibre Content, Fineness, Maturity, Neps & Nep Size (Both Trashes & Seed Coats) are checked. Corrective actions are taken immediately in case of any non conformity is observed.

  • Uster QuickSpin System from USTER, SWITZERLAND spins the Sliver into Yarn in a Lab Set-up, and also helps for quick comparable test Results of Yarn as well as the Cotton Used.

  • Micro Dust Trash Analyzer (MDTA) from USTER, SWITZERLAND to check the Trash% and micro dust in raw cotton, card material and card Sliver.

Yarn Test

  • Uster Tester-3 from USTER, SWITZERLAND to Check the Evenness (U%) of Sliver, Roving & Yarn and also to check Imperfections & Hairiness of Yarn.

  • Uster Tenso-Jet-3 from USTER, SWITZERLAND to check the Yarn Tenacity (RKM) (at speed of 400 mpm. to match the stress & stain on the yarn during weaving/warping.

  • Uster Classimat-3 from USTER, SWITZERLAND to check the faults per 100 KM of yarn in 23 distinct categories.

  • Count & Strength Computer Aided Determination System (CASCADE) from Applied Automation,COIMBATORE, INDIA to check the Count, Strength, Co-efficient of Variation & CSP (Count Strength Product) of the Yarn.

  • Electronics Twist Tester from STATEX,COIMBATORE, INDIA to check the Twist per inch & the T.P.I., CV% of the Yarn

  • On-Line Ring Data System from PREMIUM POLYTRONICS, INDIA, collection of On-Line Production data of Carding & Comber machines, Draw Frames, Simplex & Ring Frames etc. The following parameters are obtained from this system

  • Actual Efficiency%, Rate of Breakages, Stoppages & Detentions etc.
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