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Process Description

Selection and Sorting of Raw Material
STI India Ltd believes that quality of yarn is accepted world wide not only because of the sophisticated imported machinery installed for all crucial operations but also for the selection of good quality cotton from selected stations across India and abroad. The company ensures high quality and uniformity in the procurement of cotton at right time and in bigger lots. Cotton bales are manually sorted with full perfection by the sorters to remove the contamination before transferring the cotton to the blow room for further processing. In this process the cotton is plucked by bale plucker passed through a super cleaner which pre-cleans the cotton and opens the tufts into smaller sizes. The opened cotton is then carried on a conveyor Lattice where it is continuously hand sorted by the sorters and then transferred by suction to the multi mixer & further blowroom machines.

Blow Room
Blow Room line is from M/s Crosrol, U.K. with Auto waste removal system. The bale plucker plucks the sorted cotton & feeds it to the Blow Room Line where the removal of leaf, broken seeds, dust & short fibre takes place. The Lots are well blended to achieve maximum homogeneous mixing which means consistency in the final product.

Vetal Scan in Crosrol Blow Room Line
8 Nos. of VETAL SCAN- COTTON CONTAMINATION CLEANING MACHINE (CCCM) are installed in the Blow Room Line after the cotton tuft is reasonably opened, to identify and eliminate the coloured and white contaminations from the cotton.

The unit has Crosrol tandem cards having double carding action for processing of cotton perfectly with highest degree of cleaning efficiency. The carding machines Model MK-5A Tandem Cards are from M/s Crosrol, U. K. & LC-333 from LMW, India.

Draw Frames
To produce a regular uniform material, a number of card slivers (usually 6 or 8) are doubled and variation in weight/unit length of sliver is reduced by drafting 6 to 8 times. The fibers are parallelised in this process. Latest Toyoda High Speed Draw Frames with auto leveller, Model DYH 600 C & DT 100 with USC, from Japan & RSB-851 from LMW, India are used for the final passage after combing for combed Quality and after the first (breaker) passage for carded Quality.

Super Lap
30-36 Slivers are joined together in a sheet form and then rolled in the form of Lap. These Laps are fed to Combers in subsequent processing for production of combed cotton yarn. Super Lap Model TS-100 from Toyota, Japan and UNILAP Model E-30 & E-32 are from Rieter, Switzerland & LH-10 from LMW, India.

Cotton Laps are taken to the combing machine for combing action to remove short fibers. High Speed Comber Model CM 100 from M/s Toyota, Japan and Model E-62, E-65 from Rieter, Switzerland are installed. Also we have LK-54 Comber from LMW, India.

Speed Frame
The sliver from finisher Draw frame goes to speed frame where it is drafted (8 to 10 folds) & twisted into a thin strand of roving. The roving is wound on the bobbins. These latest High Speed, Speed Frame Model FL-16 are from Toyota, Japan & I-68 from Zinser, Germany.

Ring Frame
The roving bobbins are taken to the ring frames where it is drafted to the extent of desired level (i.e. count). The spindle along with the ring Traveller mounted on a ring imparts the requisite amount of twist into the yarn. The yarn is wound on bobbins and taken to post spinning operations. The Ring Frame Model FIOMAX 1000 are from M/s Spindle fabric Suessen, Germany. All the ring frames are equipped with Ring data (single spindle monitoring system) from Premier for monitoring the quality and performance of each spindle.

22 Ring Frames have Slub attachment and 3 Ring Frames have Lycra attachment of Amsler Tex AG, Switzerland.

Auto Coners
The yarn is transferred to paper cones to make final packages after passing through electronic yarn cleaners for removal of any defects. The ends are 'spliced' to produce knot-less yarns. Auto Cone Winder Model 7-V Mach Coner from MURATEC, Japan are equipped with Uster Quantum electronic yarn clearers and Loepfe yarn master 900 with Foreign Fibre/Contamination removal channels. Also we have the latest ACX5, Autoconer, from Schlafhorst, Germany with "Zenith" yarn clearer & Aqua splicing facility.

Yarn Conditioning
Yarn conditioner from XORELLA AG, Switzerland ensures even moisture pick up in every layer of yarn for smooth working in subsequent processes of knitting/warping.

Knitting Machine
Knitting machines are used for making single jersey and PIQUE honey comb fabric on 30" & 34" dia machine with 20, 24 and 28 gauge with quick interchangeability function. Knitting machine model Falmac Single Jersey FSB - 3XSK 30" 90F are from M/s Falmac Limited, Singapore & Also have 15 Knitting machines of Pailung, Taiwan which have Lycra, Fleece & Rib attachment.
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