STI India Limited

At a Glance

  • Producer of World Class Cotton Yarn and knitted Grey Fabric
  • Worldwide reputation for quality consciousness and fair business practices.
  • Thrust on modernisation & technological upgradation.
  • Environmental consciousness to protect ecology and environment.
  • Conscious about Social Responsibilities
  • An ultra-modern plant, equipped with sophisticated world class high-tech machinery.
  • High caliber personnel & an environment friendly work culture.
  • Bench-Mark for others.

Special features of STI Yarn and Fabric

  • Procurement of high quality cotton fibre for 4-6 months in advance.
  • Every bale of Cotton fibre is tested for Length, Micronaire, and Rd (Reflective Index) value for making homogeneous and uniform mixing to avoid shade variation and barre effect in fabric.
  • Controlled and low contaminated yarn by implementing following systems
    • Systematic and controlled raw material sourcing
    • Manual contamination sorting with scientific method
    • Eight VISION SHIELD machines with POLY PROPYLENE identification system in blowroom lines.
    • Electronic yarn clearers with foreign fibre/contamination cleaning facility (eg. 'Siro' clearer or 'Quantum' Clearer).
  • Tandem cards (Double Carding) machine, which gives good quality of super carded and super combed yarn with very low tolerable objectionable classimate faults, which in turn gives more consistent and better fabric appearance.
  • All yarn is 'Xorella' saturated steam conditioned for ensuring even moisture level at every layer of thr yarn which gives better results during knitting and weaving.
  • Samples from all lots of yarn are tested, Knitted and Dyed to ensure consistent and right quality before shipment to customers.
  • Committed to serve our valued customers and markets to meet the best standards in industry.
Producer of 100 % Cotton/ Organic Cotton Yarn (Super Combed & Super Carded)  & Knitted Fabric(Grey) -Single Jersey, Honeycomb, PIQUE